“You can not opt out of t.co”

I just did, though… t.co is Twitter’s way of checking on what links you post — and keeping stats, tabs on you and your neighbours, etc. Which I don’t really like. And when the posted link comes from a link shortener, it bounces all over the web before being displayed. So I decided I’d opt out of t.co. Even if Twitter doesn’t offer me this option.


I put this Javascript code in a bookmarklet and Bob’s now my official !tco Uncle. I click this before clicking a link (as Twitter keeps adding old tweets as I scroll down, these newly added posts need to be cleaned up). The t.co cruft is removed and the real link is reimplemented.


Now with 1-second interval repeats. 🙂  As long as I stay on the page I don’t need to click !tco again…

javascript:setInterval(function (){a=document.getElementsByClassName('twitter-timeline-link');j=a.length;for(x=0;x<j;x++){b=a[x];b.target="_blank";c=b.getAttribute('data-expanded-url');if(c!=null){d=c.indexOf("?utm");if(d>0){c=c.substr(0,d)}b.href=c;b.innerHTML=c;}};console.log('tco');}, 1000);(null)

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