Mi bucket list es su bucket list

So following a convo online I decided to update my travel bucket list. But first, places I have visited:

Visited Countries

Now the bucket list – you’ll notice there isn’t anything in Europe. And of course some of the “visited” countries could also go into the want to visit (again) bucket list.

Most of these countries are in South-East Asia and the Pacific – Laos, Burma, all these funny Pacific Islands, OZ, NZ, Nouvelle Calédonie, Easter Island, Tahiti, etc. Plus Chile, Argentina and Mexico.




2 responses to “Mi bucket list es su bucket list

  1. Funnily enough, I’ve visited all the countries on your bucket list. But, as you can imagine, I haven’t visited a lot of the European countries you’ve seen.

    One country on my list is Uruguay. I’d also love to see Canada properly.

    • I’d expect you, a south Hemisphere denizen, to have visited my Norte-Europeano list 🙂 I like Uruguay wines, but I have a problem visiting a country that was a refuge for Nazi war criminals… But I might go if and when I make it to South America.

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