#TTOT Round-Up: Visa & Immigration

I didn’t have time to join #TTOT so I just read the roundup. Since Visa & Immigration is a favorite subject of mine – I’ve been in quite a few places in the last few years – I thought I’d add up, late as it is, to the discussion.

Q1: Ever been stopped at the Airport Immigration? What happened?
In the US. See this story.

Q2: Most treasured visa in the passport and why?
Chinese visa. Costs an arm and a leg and takes 5 days to renew.

Q3: What’s the funniest question you ever got at immigration?
Why are you in this lane? Seoul.

Q4: Have you ever been refused a visa and been given the weirdest reason as to why?
China, once in 2008, once in 2010. For being French. Seriously.

Q5: Do you think it’s fair that the world is not open to travel by everyone?
Fair doesn’t enter the equation. Life ain’t fair. Deal with it.

I could use a few questions of my own:

  • What’s the fastest immigration you’ve been through? (HK, of course. But as a tourist, Kuala Lumpur)
  • Longest, most tedious immigration? (Honolulu and Bangkok; Saigon a close 3rd)
  • Nastiest Immigration officers? (USA, constantly; China & Korea, best and worst)
  • Most ridiculous visa requirements? (China)

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