Job Interview Part #32678

So. I got an umpteenth job interview last week. The thing is, I found all my jobs via a slave-shop job search agency: the first two, in the last few years of the 20th Century, in Korea, via mostly human interaction and word of mouth (I love how these two expressions can cover so much ground and still say very little. No, I will not tell you whether I was porking any of the search executivettes. Move along…); the next three jobs I stumbled upon on the web. All of them on JobsDB. And, oh yeah, all the failed attempts in-between, in HK. Each time, first came a phone call, then an interview with a search executivette, then with the client – in some cases repeat interviews. And tests. Sigh. In one case, I never saw the chica from the slave-shop. We spoke on the phone and exchanged emails. Copious amounts of emails. I love written record.

I usually ace interviews with the search people. Nothing to boast about. It’s just a fact. In all the first phone/face-to-face interviews, there’s only one time I got bumped, and that time I was more irritated by the condescending attitude from the 20K-a-month dudine than the rejection. Being rejected by retards doesn’t count, right? 🙂 So. Last week. Another brilliant 45-minute conversation with the slave-shopper. Except it was a dude, for once. ‘s okay, buddy. I don’t want a piece of your ass, just a new job, fanks Guv.

European company, but not a wine company – wow, now that’s a good surprise: some people outside the wine biz still consider me as employable. Can’t tell which business they’re in, since there’s like 5 companies in that biz, one of which NOT in HK, so it took me all of 5 minutes to guess who it was. There’s only a slight overlap with what I’ve been doing so far (wine may be involved in a few cases, and we have customers in common). But it’s about sales, and about Asia-Pacific sales. Travel. Go see customers. Face to face. Hello former British employer? Hear that? Travel to meet the customer. Hellooooo? Spoke with the slave-shopper today, and apparently things are moving forward – in late July? Really? Can’t be a French company! – and I am supposed to be meeting some of the people soon. Goody gumdrops. Apparently they’re in a hurry, because the current holder of this job is moving out of HK (while still working for the same company) because, sit down for this, his wife can’t stand Hong Kong any more. Good for you lady. Go away and let me have your hubby’s job.

It’s also the first time that the search exec told me, while discussing salary and stuff, Yes, I definitely think we have room for improvement. Usually they whine about the salary I am getting currently like it came out of their own pocket – never let people who make a third of what you make discuss salaries. They have a bad case of envy. I had once a search dudine argue against my requested salary, too high, although her commission was directly linked to how much I would get. Stupid cunt.

I hope to have good news next month. Bye for now!


One response to “Job Interview Part #32678

  1. dudine should really try to get you higher salary, right? cray cray! all the best with this one, pak! cheers to the wife who hates hk 🙂

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