I have had more time lately for coding, since I left the evil company that gets it all wrong™. Nothing revolutionary, just flexing these long-abandoned muscles by working on concrete problems faced by fellow coders. Since I am subscribed to a few mailing lists, I started reading them more closely, and when I see a problem I like and/or feel I can solve, I grab it and run with it. It feels great and when I get back to speed I might put myself again in the market for coding gigs. But not just yet.

My main weapon of choice remains RB, although I have been writing lately way too much C code. Not a big fan, but accessing Mac OS X’s frameworks in any other language (and no, Objective-C will never be an option for me) is often a pain. So I write dylibs that serve as interfaces between RB and Carbon. Fun fun stuff.

I have started gathering all the tidbits I have coded so far, to put them into a kind of knowledge base, which could be useful for other RB coders — and for the C bits, for fellow C sufferers… I’ll post a link to a Google Code repo when I’m ready.


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