Do you still work there?

Well well well. While I am still waiting for Round #4 of interviews with that company so up north in HK it’s almost in China, I am still trudging at the rock face with the current company. Except it’s August — slow-mo at best, deep coma at worst — and, well, ahhhh, hmmm, I don’t have an email address anymore. For a few minutes, when this happened a week ago or so, I thought the company had locked me out in preparation of sacking. Not that they have anything valid against me, but my boss and I don’t live in the same reality and dislike each other, and it’s only very thinly veiled. But, nonono, it’s not that. For now anyway 🙂

The problem is that HQ has let the domain name lapse — and they even forgot which registrar they had bought it from! Woop dee dah. So clients email us, and the emails bounce, saying that the domain doesn’t exist. You can imagine… Many clients are not Internet-savvy, so they assume either that the person they’ve emailed has left the company, or the company is closing. I spoke with a few clients — some called, some I called. And reassured them. The company is well and alive. And I am still working for them.

Two weeks after the incident, the DNS updates haven’t propagated completely, and some clients still can’t email me. Oh, and the fact that the IT manager registered instead of the original .hk didn’t help either. /*facepalm*/

Of course, my boss was/is urging me to call the clients — these people who have better to do than answer calls from the sympathetic wine dude who’s on their radar once a month. What am I going to do? Spell them the daily offers? Please Sir, take a moment to write down the following. Yeah that’s gonna workee… I did manage to do my monthly sales objectives — but only thanks to an airline and delays in invoicing stuff last month… Everything got invoices in August. Sluuuuurrp. I’m safe. for now.


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