Naomi Yohani

Naomi Yohani

Naomi Yohani

Naomi is a young Taiwanese singer. I’m like twice her age – or at least the age of her fans 🙂 – and have normally zero interest in the Asian music scene [yeah yeah, shoot me…] so the only reason I could know her is because her boyfriend’s a friend… But. But but but. I like her music. Go listen to it.

Now, the other interesting tidbit about Naomi is in her name. This ain’t your regular 3-syllable Chinese name. And, nopesky, she’s not Japanese. She’s Taiwanese. As in, my family has been living in the same forest for 6,000 years Taiwanese. Of course this can be a sensitive subject – nationalist Taiwanese people of Chinese origin [the bulk of the population] don’t like to be reminded that they were invaders too. They prefer to think they’re the good guys, and the f*cking Commies across the straight, pardon my Hoklo, are the bad guys.

Looking forward to meeting these two young people again soon in TPE.


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