iPad, or #iPass

I’m a Mac fanboy. Have been since 1987. Got the scars and all that. I bought over the years a bunch of desktop machines, and more laptops than a human being should be allowed to own. I still have at home my old 17″ Titanium — still in working condition I think — an iMac 24″ I bought 3 years ago, showing no signs of aging, cool beast that it is — except it’s still on 10.4, and I defo need to fix that… — and a 3 year-old white MacBook that is slowing giving up on me (including the u key). So time has come for a new machine! After all, it’s been THREE years since I last bought a Mac. There was a time I’d buy a new Mac laptop every year. Good old days…

I set my sights, in a quasi automated fashion, on a MacBookPro. Back to aluminum. The white MB sucked anyway. And got dirty easy. And the plastic cracked. Never buy plastic. Cheap. Grrr. I try, every time I go to the Apple Online Store, which is every day, maybe more than once a day, I try very hard I was saying, not to look at the 17″ model. When I had a 17″, and used it as my main machine, I really really loved it. I didn’t fancy too much having to lug that monster, but goddamn it was a nice machine. Back then, I was at the receiving end of way too many Excel files with 100+ columns (and only a few lines, can you spot a design flaw here?), so I had to scroll horizontally forever. Having a 17″ allowed for more horizontal screen real estate, and less scrolling. Meanwhile, when coding, the wide screen proved less of an advantage (how long can your line of code can be, unless you are doing obfuscated Javascript?). I could’ve done with a rotating screen that would have displayed lots of lines of code… I had installed early on a virtual desktop app that enabled me to have a bunch of virtual screens, keeping each of them relatively clean. So I didn’t need the extra width to cram more windows and widgets and crap. Since I don’t code as much as I used to, and spend way too much time on Excel sheets, it’s still very tempting. An MBP 17″ with the i7 could do me right 🙂 But, no…

I actually want something that’s light. I am not getting any younger, and my bag these days feels so heavy with all the crap it has… I don’t want a 30 lb monster in it. I have heard — rather than read — bad reviews, or at least not-so-happy ones, about the MacBook Air. Originally I wanted something light that could run my dev tools and the usual office crap without choking to death (and since I don’t usually code in biz mode, and vice-versa, memory and CPU didn’t have to be on the high-end side of things). Heavy coding or biz work can always be done on the iMac anyway. Instead, a lightweight thingie with a good battery life, and as few moving parts as possible (SSD, here I come!), that’d be the ticket.

Alas, the feedback I got was of overheating (I sure don’t want to cook the balls that are in the vicinity of my lap), and very sluggish perfs. And the price. To emulate a famous clown American actor “Geddafuckouttaheeeere!” Sorry, this is not reasonable. So when the first rumors came out of an upcoming Mac tablet, called the iPad (I. Must. Resist. Cracking. Jokes. At. That. One!), I was hoping Apple would finally give us the Loch Ness of Apple Computers — a Mac tablet. I started saving money. And then, bang! Stevie-o brings out a maxipad iPhone. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Nuff said?

And to add insult to injury, that *thing*, which can’t run my dev tools, is not even as useful as my iPhone — it can’t do Traditional Chinese or Korean. Houston, we have a problem. The size of Texas. I don’t want a tool to consume, I want a tool to create. In multiple languages, which were/are handled perfectly by the iTouch and iPhone. Natch. This is probably the first time I see a new generation of an Apple product that looses half its feature set with an upgrade. Bravo. So #iPass — for now. I’m an Apple fanboy after all… 🙂


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